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    I forgot to add ... for those who aren't Aussies, and in case you're wondering who Wally Lewis is ...

    Possibly the greatest man of all time.

    Easily the best sports man ever.

    A Queenslander.

    Not even 'The King' himself knows how good he was and is.

    Check him out at:
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  2. Trading mainly FX from Melbourne, I guess anywhere would be quite similar for such a 24-hour market. :)
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  3. Proud to see all you buggers trading those weird hours down under. Ex-Melbourne boy myself. Car'n the Blues!
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  4. Thanks for informing me about europe markets.Well, i tought forex was the only other option. I will have a look at them soon.

    How about australian and far east market, can you recommand
    some high volume, liquid and trendy instruments ?
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    No worries Nana. You should most definitely check out Europe, they've got some great contracts for both equities and bonds.
    [In fact if I were forced to choose one only, I reckon I'd go with Europe anyway.]

    With respect to Asian markets, that too is something I keep an eye on in case I am ever forced to trade the time zone. I think its safe to say they are second class compared to Europe and the US, but there's enough certainly to keep one busy. I should also point out I don't trade them often.

    Some markets to consider with the equities:

    > Korea [ not technically available to US citizens .. ]
    - This contract is apparently right up there in terms of being
    a 'tradeable market'. Volume is huge. Personally have never
    traded it.
    > Hong Kong
    - not a bad little market this one, two contracts including a mini.
    The big one is HK $50 (about US$ 6.50) a point, and can whip
    around a fair bit as a higher beta market. Index at about
    10,900 at the moment. Daily volume about 27k on Friday.
    > Japan
    - Nikkei 225 out of Osaka , 1000 times the index, min 10 pts tick
    daily avg for Aug about 48,000 contracts
    - Nikkei 225 out of Singapore, 500 times the index, min tick 5 pts
    - Topix out of Tokyo, 10,000 times the index (about 1070 at the
    moment], 0.5 pts min tick, volume is about 20k
    > Australia
    - SPI, A$ 25 * index, 1 pt tick , volume is about 10k or so

    With bonds obviously the SFE has the entire Aussie curve covered and volumes are generally pretty good, but can be a bit slow during the day especially when you're used to US treasuries or the bunds ; also JGB's out of Singapore and Tokyo, but don't know a lot about these.

    So overall there are some reasonable choices in the Asian time zone if one had to do the switch.

    Re: the forex. Still haven't made up my mind about this one either, even though I have it as background. I tend to trade it longer term relative to the futures, and with less leverage. Don't like having to cough up such a large spread [although there are some shops like hotspotfx where you can bid etc ] when trading short-term, so have never really looked at it as a serious short-term vehicle.


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    The hours suck - but the spi sucks worse. :D

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  7. I mainly trade' like a 10pm to 6am graveyard shift......:( ....would bring back bad memories of when i had to do it for real! couse swing trading them small is another idea ,,,, seens to me the best place to trade would be europe....DAX in the morning and US in afternoon and eartly evening!
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  8. Perth, Western Australia, mother of most of the Gold & Diamonds in the modern world. :)

    I mainly trade the US markets, since the Australian SPI etc don't have sufficient intraday volatility & range in comparison to the US futures ES and NQ for example. Even the Mini-Dow is better than the Sydney SPI :D

    I really like this thread - Particularly wallaby's comments on the tradable eastern markets are very good.

    Thanks to all of you for your insights. It was great to see this thread and realize I'm not the only guy trading from Australia and during the middle of the night. :cool:

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  9. Why don't you trade Europe market, as wally mentioned?
    Is there a reason that you don't like them?

    I am Planing to change my timing from night trading to daytrading. Just like with any business, we got to trade
    daytime and enjoy nighttime.

    Wallaby introduced me to new world of trading. Thanks
    to him.
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  10. I have a few times traded European futures, i.e. looked at DAX, CAC and Eurex. The DAX is nice, the Eurex futures could even be the next great trading medium of the world, since it's being heavily advertised now as well as for many other reasons.

    How are you gonna change your night trading to day trading? Trade European markets? You'd be better off trading the HKFE or NIKKEI then, wouldn't you?

    For me, it would be a large step - I know a lot of stuff about the ES and NQ and its stats and behaviors - Switching markets completely would require re-learning a lot of stuff, since the markets aren't exactly identical. So that would be one barrier to start with.

    Interesting conversation!

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