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  1. Wonder if anyone here trades from Australia?
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    Miami Traders?
    any Miami area traders?

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  3. m22au


    Melbourne here

  4. wallaby


    Brisbane, Queensland.

    Nana my man ... being at the 'arse end of the world' (qt. P. Keating) +10 GMT I still haven't made up my mind about the time difference. US market times are definitely difficult, but Europe is pretty good.

    Bunds kick off at 4pm local time for half the year (Queensland does not have daylight saving, something about confusing the cows and fading the curtains !? ... ) and 5pm from Oct 26. So if you can fill the kitty before US markets open (11.30pm), or shortly after US bonds open, one can still keep regular hours and have most of the day to do other things [like bang around some Asian markets if you haven't had enough from the night before ]. Also IMO, DAX, CAC, Estx50, Bund, BOBL are much nicer to trade than US instruments.

    With respect to infrastructure, broadband is much more accessible than it was a couple of years ago. About A$70 / month for unlimited 256k ADSL [I say unlimited because they cap downloads here ], 1.5M about $150 ; T1/E1 providing you're close to an exchange, starts at about A$ 440 / month. If you want to get into the 'outback' somewhere, or perhaps on an island up in far north queensland [watch out for the stingers they can kill you], satellite is also available. Australia is a big place, so satellite can be a goer ...

    The other good place to live in Australia is Perth, W.A.

    Having lived elsewhere I can say Australia is one of the
    best places to live in the world, although make sure you like beer.

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    Surf Coast. Victoria.
  6. Sydney..... Australia's biggest city
  7. Im in Melbourne.

    Go pies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just checking the waters ODDMAN, my wife is an aussie, from from time to time I think about trying life out there for a while.....oh but the hours!
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