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  1. Is PointDirex still running a trading floor in Arizona? I checked the website, called 4806079214, and they seem to have moved or closed down. Anywhere else to trade in the Phoenix area?
  2. There is an Andover and Hold office there.
  3. Besides the comradery, is there any advantage to trading onsite anymore? The commissions seem to be about the same as trading at home with most firms that support remote traders.

  4. What are the commissions for Andover?

    I can't find the info on their website. It does say "Due to our large customer base, we are able to pass savings on to our traders with low ticket and execution charges." but are there any traders out there that can tell me what the actual costs are? And do they only offer onsite?
  5. there's an echo office as well
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    ECHO has a great phoenix office:
    That's where I work though, so I'm biased! :D

    - Gabrielle
  7. Bright's Arizona office is excellent. Very helpful manager (Leon T.) and 3 or 4 'heavy-hitters' that are willing to 'help-out' if you're willing to listen.

    H.Hitters - Quite successful, including time subsequent to the 'bull boom' that ended in 2000. Two are former 'floor traders', the others have done very well at Bright.
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    Tired of the NYC winters, couple of years ago we looked into getting a second home in golfers dream city of Scottsdale, AZ. I made my rounds to the various brokers, Bright would have been my choice. I agree the Bright's office manager Leon is great, I believe since then they have moved into a bigger office space also in Scottsdale.
  9. Mark Seleznov has a great radio show on Phoenix KFNN 1510AM Friday afternoons at 3pm.

    Does trendtrader allow for futures trading? I ddin't see mention of it at the website.
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