Trading in an HFT world

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tripledtrader, Aug 20, 2012.

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    bah humbug

    HFT will make small traders cry cry cry

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!!
  2. So says the Forest Gump of elitetrader.

    90% of HFTs lose. They just lose.

    & because they spend more setting up -they lose more making them the biggest losers in the market.
  3. trendo


    Are you a small trader? Are you a winner or are you a loser?
  4. This guy has typed the same line over 4000 times on elite trader.
    He is like a broken record.

    Does that strike you as coming from an intelligent, creative and successful person?
  5. jstox


    Best advice to human traders is ...... RUN!!! This is today with a single contract, I'm just another piker with a laptop. Imagine what someone that knows what their doing can achieve.
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  6. jstox


    Ill quit hijacking tripledtraders thread with 1 last post. This is the
    HFT system today running 2 hours on the open (1 contract). Since tripledtrader won't participate in his own thread, I'll assume it's spam and will let the thread die. For anyone sitting there waiting for the close of a 5 minute bar, be advised, times have changed.
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  7. Wow! This guy is making literally hundreds of dollars!

    Dashing out now to buy a white flag...

  8. 83 round turns with commissions accounting for 43% of your gross?

  9. jstox


    Agree, the commissions need negotiated. I'm retired and this is
    my hobby, go ahead and LOL all ya want. This is the first 45 minutes of day 3. You still waiting on the close of a 5 minute bar?
    At least it's fun watching.
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