Trading in all Mental..

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. bat1


    your fame of mind will reflect in your trading

    if you wake up feeling like a loser then your trading
    will reflect that!

    Some days I can look at a stock and hate it
    the next day love it even when nothing has charged
    in the stock..

    the way we perceive things like charts, markets, life

    it's all Mental!!

    just venting here.. your state of mind really does
    effect you trading...

    Just like when I play my elec guitar, one day
    it sounds great got my amp set up just right

    the next day I turn it on and have not touched
    nothing! just turned it on..and it's sounds bad
    and have to reset the amp all over again

    if must be my frame of Mind day to day I guess..

  2. Trading is 0% mental. You either have edge and win or don't and lose.
  3. bat1


    your edge have it or not is mental!
  4. zdreg


    not quite. your edge is whatever it is including possibly mental. your execution of the edge is mental even if automated since even black boxes can be overridden.