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  1. I am creating a custom database to track my trading and want to incorporate some cool trading graphics within it -- does anybody know of any sites with cool trading imagery???

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    Even in cyber world, "cool trading imagery," is an oxy-moron. Unless of course you want a generic picture of a bull or bear on your screen. LOL.
  3. Hey bannanahead, if I wanted your opinion on this matter I would have PM'd you. Now if you don't have any links for me, then stop wasting my time wit your oxy moronic jibber jabber:p :D

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    Surf all the broker's websites, trading software sites and "borrow" their images if its for your own use.

  5. did someone call ??

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    Well.......everyone's but Marketsurfer's web site:D
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    That's some mighty big antennae bro!
  8. NO DOUBT! Man, it could not have been MINUTES after I posted that he replied. Geeeessshhh, I gotta be more careful what I "suggest".
  9. Use this link and you'll have an unlimited source of cool trading imagery...

    Simply...type in any trading keyword you can think of and start exploring and downloading the images.

    Have fun.


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