Trading ill?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by joethemoustache, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Hellothere, I was wondering how you guys do when youre not fully well, you trade or stay in bed? Experiences, successes? How to manage open trades and if/ or to open new positions.

    Also, what are the reasonable criteria for "Too ill to trade"? Hospitalized, major headache, broken index finger, veneral disease? Come on, tell!
  2. prox


    If you have the motivation to get up and look forward to trading, then do so.

    If you're scared, tired, or fear the market every morning.. then it's best to just paper trade.
  3. nitro


    I am sick as a dog today...

    I just took a Sudafed and I feel better. Drugs rule!

  4. grow a set of stones, sally.
  5. prox


    What a catch you are.
  6. I had a fever today... no trading... I just spent the day in bed watching TV and at my computer playing arcade games...
  7. Today's market movement (or lack of any) makes me sick.
  8. Foz


    With a systematic trading system I'm a slave to taking the signals. No sick days and no vacation days.
  9. I trade with a 100% mechanical system. As long as my system works, i.e. datafeed live, no hardware failure, I'll trade even if I don't feel good physically. I had profitable days when I was sick and losing days when I was energetic.
  10. If you can think the same go ahead and trade.If your not thinking clear than stay away(sick or whatever)
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