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  1. Hi,

    Any psy-type research out there looking at profiling people who feel the need to fanatically worship such and such type of 'great' trading hazards? e.g. the livermoroniacs, the niederhofferian vic-tims, etc... just curious...

    Hi friends :)
  2. Jesus.



    etc. etc.

    Jesus and his Super Friends.... from South Park.
  3. loads of similarities indeed! but is it the same brand of fanaticism, mental disorder do u think?

    e.g. small digression perhaps but if you compare jeez & mahomet, can't remember how the story goes for mahomet's passing but jeez, man, that was something! i mean the first come-back after the cross show thing! the resurrection & stuff... but then... do we know what happens in the end?... i mean i can't recall reading about jeez in his 50s and stuff!?? not that it matters i guess...

    but so yeah, betting the ranch and losing it, plus the wife and the horses, AND coming back on top after a trip to gambler's hell etc, that reeks of jeez's story to some extent... sort of a 'jeez envy' complex perhaps...

    but i'm sure some better learned people would have taken a closer look... any leads?
  4. I love the classic neiderhofferian vic-tim

    What about all the Seykota addicts?
  5. oh..... the tribes of seykota.......

    peace :)

    What if it all started out as a joke to Ed...