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    I am trying to find sources for tradin ideas, indices, groups, stocks to watch. I am a short term trader, not a day trader.

    Thank you

    Web site of Alan Farley, author of "The Master Swing Trader". Click on "Daily" and find his daily stocks to watch that matches his various trading plans.

    Good place to start for a short term trader and swing trader.

  3. Another place for potential short term trades is:

    The #1 ranked stocks, which are updated daily, have potential for upside earnings surprises in the next month to three months.

  4. I have a dinky website that is 100% free with a focus on the indices and swing trading individual setups. Though it's free, you will still have to login to gain access......e-mail me and I'll send you instructions.
  5. booksellers ... do a search under trading ... do some reading.
  6. qqq and spdr's now seem to be at the top of the most active list for AMEX. There is a huge advantage to trading the indixes, such as being able to short on a downtick and getting a quick fill.

    Also, for a short term trader, there is a huge advantage of not being worried about the "stock" being bought out or those type of things. With all the scandals going on today, your only way to protect yourself from sharp swings is with index's. Look into it more.
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    Thanks for the replies. Anybody with ideas about eminis?

    Alot of traders prefer to trade them instead of individual stocks ,

    Spiders or QQQ.

  8. Eminis are definetelly great, but the downside is you have to be already a pro to trader them or have cash to burn. Not a good way to start trading. If you are a new trader, definetelly something to stay away from.
    Strart with stocks, once you are good and consistent with them, than move on to eminis. Otherwise, you will most likely lose all or a lot of your capital. They are very volitile and require a lot of experience to trade them.
  9. There are advantages to trading the e-minis, or index futures. With the index futures, you do not have to worry about qualifying for trader status, which means that you do not have to dance around "Wash Sales". With the futures, any loss is a tax loss no matter how many times you traded a particular futures contract.

    Also, any capital gains or losses are treated as if they were 60 percent long-term and 40 percent short-term. It does not matter how long the futures contract were actually held.

    For a good beginning presentation on what to look for during the trading day for trading opportunities in the emini market, take a look at the following:

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    Any websites that I can watch eminis charts live and maybe papertrade?
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