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  1. AAA, I do have to factor in size restraints for my trading. That is why I employ a scale approach. When trading size in bear markets, where liquidity tends to be naturally dry, you have to work the tape as best as you can.

    17 pages a book???? Please.

    "Secrets of the Temple", "Atlas Shrugged", "Alchemy of Finance", etc.....THESE are books.

    I thank you for the compliment though brandonf.

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  2. Don;

    I have a private community set up on the msn network for colleagues, friends and other traders to share ideas and market analysis.

    This is an exclusive, invite only room. However, for the purpose of your experiment, I would be glad to extend to you an invitation if you wish. However, I can not guarantee that you will have my full participation each day, therefore, some of the trade ideas may be coming from others.

    But again, you are welcome to join and I will be glad to make it a point to share ideas with you during your experiment. Just let me know of the dates, times, etc....

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  3. Brandonf

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    Who is John Galt anyway?
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  4. He is NOT trading with them yet........he is about to begin working with them,,,,,,,,& who knows how big the hedgefund is & what his deal is, means nothing to anybody............if your RIGHT your RIGHT if your WRONG your WRONG.......he clearly stated last week was the LAST chance to get short before a violent selloff in the markets..........from what I seen, we had some great buying today & this also lead to shorting weaker shares that where NOT reacting to the markets rally on thin volume.........although I agree on shorting I dont just jump into the markets in the middle of nowhere, I time the entries & use price to determin this........Why would I want to short in a range ? Yea...if it broke DOWN I would have worked continuation patterns on stocks BUT the RALLY on thin volume gave us chance to work shorts on the weaker ones.....GE this was a example of a stock that was shortable when the market indexes where rallying, the push into lunchtime UP was the short trigger as always is for weakest shares.........BUT I have a email from him saying is is about to work with a hedge fund.........I will see tomorrow what happnes BUT shoiuld the markets hold togther I will look to work strong stocks to buy side & manage my shorts from today.......if the markets are weak tomorrow i will manage my shorts from today & look to get short new positions GEE CHRIS YOU GOT SHORT AT HIGHER PRICES BEING PATIENT ?........light bulb goes of...the markets are not that hard, just have to know when NOT to be in ( ranges, middle of nowhere land)..........chris
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  5. mrbud;

    I believe you have a great approach for the market. I tend to employ that same style when market conditions are different.

    But when your size gets a bit larger, you tend to be a slave of market liquidity. You end up getting in and out when you can, not when you want to, and usually, you work to get these two diff't variables as close as possible.

    I guess it would have made things easier if I had said the following first and foremost:

    My models are suggesting there is going to be a sudden and sharp correction in the market. In such a way that it could even start with a large gap down then ends up being a breakaway. Now, I know many of you would react by selling the bounce off of such a gap, or joining the negative momentum and getting short after the event. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that approach in my opinion and I too employ it quite often. However, I feel that in the current set-up, there is a rare oppty to go against the tide, which in my opinion is quite bullish, and set up a large line in an illiquid market before the move is made. Experience has taught me that in mature phases of the bear market, getting short once the move has started is good for a few thousand shares at the most. If you want to short multiple blocks, you HAVE to start ahead of the move and use false strength (such as today) to build the line. In fact, all things that are non-technical aside, today looked like a very bearish false upside move fueled by the early morning retail push whether it was individual or mutual fund related. In the last hour, the downside move took place on consistently rising volume, a sure sign of aggressive distribution of stock. WIthout getting into the chart, I want to say that todays high satisfied a critical test and then the selling started in force.

    I am not concerned about geo-political events that may have caused the move. I am only concerned about the tape and the numbers.

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  6. hey Pej

    was that spike down this afternoon news driven? i happened to see the futures dive and got some qqq's short for a scalp.. it seemed like alot of volume just to be a break out of consolidation, but i didnt see any news.. thanks..

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  7. tom_p



    It was related to the release of the latest Bin Laden video tape aired by al-Jazeera.
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  8. Very interested in this contest but could you please give us more details. This could be a good challenge.

    I think that talk is cheap and that the most difficult thing is to make money. Many analysts give very easily advices but when it comes to results then they are rarely here.
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  9. thanks tom.. -qwik
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  10. Great, I will be glad to add you to the list. Will I see specific buy/sell points (hopefully)? Either way, I will do my best to implement the trades for the test. Please send a private email on what I need to do...thanks!!
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