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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pejman Hamidi, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. Haha.......hahaha
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  2. Pej...........watching for sell divergences in the indexes now.........Weak stocks from the earlier will break hard if markets reverse back down from here...........
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  3. If you would have read the my analysis fully, you would have noticed that I was in fact anticipating an initial rally on very light volume for possibly a few days. If I was confirmed with light volume, I would begin scaling into the remaining 90% of my position.

    Now how in the world am I to learn from you if you don't give yourself the time to read?

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  4. Pej,

    I read your 17 page market report. Thanks for ruining my Christmas...only kiddingLOL.

    I have one comment. I have consistently lost money when anticipating a period of genuine market weakness. Inevitably I will put on short positions and get shaken out of them, only to watch the market plummet later. So my approach now is make sure I am in synch with the shorter trend. If it goes negative, so will I , but not before. Unless you are running huge size, there is no need to try to get in front of the market. Right now the short term trend is up, although it wouldn't take much to turn it to down.
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    17 pages is a friggin book.
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  6. OK, we have had several pages of chat room ideas, and I have seen some good stuff who's going to be first to post up some $$ results?

    I only have 6 candidates for my 2002 test starting next week, and hope to add to the list. Remember, I will take pre-opening emails with stock picks, and intra-day IM's with timed entries...and will do my best to place actual trades and post results. Be sure to include your stops, exit points (if any), and any other data you find useful.

    The point about chat rooms being a place to discuss ideas and so forth is valid, but shouldn't that type of discussion be done after trading hours. I don't find many of my traders who want to take their eyes off their positions....but I may be wrong (won't be the first time). And no comments about me spending time on elite (I don't have the luxury of full time trading anymore) :)

    Since we have liberalized both Remote and Nasdaq trading, I am hoping to see some positive results.

    So please, everyone, help me out and send me an email confirming that you want to participate, or give me an email address of a room/service/owner that you think should be included.

    This is going to be benign, I will not "trash" anyone or anything, and will be as purely objective as possible.

    Everyone needs a place to trade from, and it is in all of our best interests to prove trading results.

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  7. mrbud


    That's why I said that I don't predict, I react. I found myself spending to much time studying the market trying to predict what the market would do.

    I get up at 8:30am. I don't care what the market is doing. I let it tell me what to do and I do it period.

    Since I have been using this simple approach I have done well. A lot better then I used to when spending all my time worrying what the market would do. As you guys know, The market is always right.

    Pej, I know this style isn't for you. Your out of the chump change league.{as you stated} lol.
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  8. I am still reading it.....up to page 13.50.....gimme a few more days to get thru this....haha.........okay okay okay just having some post xmas fun...............
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    I think you guys are missing the point here. Pej is running a hedge fund and there is a real need for him to scale in and out of things EARLY. I have been watching with great interest because that is the level I hope to eventually be playing on.

    When your positions become very large, you absolutely must watch the macro factors. I mean come on, Pej's market order is the one that I lean on every now and then :)
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    Don, discussing chat rooms after trading hours is only for the amatuers. Us pro's bought at the open and sold around 11:45 when the topped at 1883. c'mon what else should we do all day? lol.
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