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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pejman Hamidi, Dec 18, 2001.

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    One more.

    Veritas Software Corp (VRTS) is another stock that has drawn a bit of interest for me as Im scanning tonight. Looking at the weekly chart you can see that its rallied to an area of fairly significant resistance. This would turn me off to taking any swing type trade long in the stock. Yesterday it hit its upper channel on the daily chart, so an aggressive trader may like to start looking for shorts (swing) in VRTS if it trades under $43.75 with a stop above say $46. A potential target would be around $36/$37.

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    Century Business Services (CBIZ). Now finally for those in the house who feel that life would not be complete with out the standard weekly trip to Las Vegas, we have a doozy of a low priced, low volume (but very nice setup) stock for you! First on the weekly chart you can see that CBIZ has declined to a nice area of support, and its held here very well. On the daily chart you can see this low level base pretty clearly, and that this stock is starting to swing out of this. All of this is good for the Vegas crowd. Personelly, when I hit Las Vegas I like to go to Deja Vu and don't spend a lot of time at the Casino's except to eat, but if thats your thing and maybe you can't make it to Vegas this week (or maybe you just want to double up on the fun), then CBIZ looks like a nice setup above $1.90 with a stop under $1.70. Target: I dunno, if you want to trade this just let it ride for the Jackpot. The first resistance is going to come in right before $2 and then after that $2.50ish and then $3ish.
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  3. Pejman, Welcome to the board..............i heard good things about you.

    AKAM.........the only stock I like from your post..........
    would see BUY at 5.60..........stop is is 8.15..............
    if break down from here & holds 4.30....would be a NEW buy at still the same...........IF trades below 4.30 all bets are off to buy side.


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  4. Yes, neo_hr et. all;

    Definately allow members the time to review the posts and response. And I won't feel offended if noone replies to my particular posts. I provided them to share some things I was looking at, and if anyone felt like responding, feel free to do so, negative or positive.

    I primarily wanted everyone to start sharing some ideas so that we can really extract value out of this awesome congregation of talent within this site.

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    Excelon Corp (EXLN) if Las Vegas is'nt your gig, and your more of an Atlantic City sort of person (or you like them both!) then EXLN should be right up your ally. The stock has broken out nicely and the daily chart is now in a fairly nice uptrend. Over the last several days it has pulled back in a fairly orderly manner (on light volume) to an area of moving average support. Look for buying opportunities above $1.03 with your stop under $0.95. Look for possible upside to $1.20 to $1.50
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    Any opinions on Brocade for tomorrow-first positive day today after 4 down days sitting on the 20 ma and some minor support
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  7. neo,

    I saw your picks, just didn';t have time to post about them. keep them coming, very helpful to get ideas during the day.
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  8. Brandon,

    That NDX divergence was striking today. Not a great sign for sure but you have to respect a market lead by IBM , C, GE and GS.
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    I haven't done a prediction yet. It can really degrade into a homerun, instant hero kind of thing but every other blue moon is probably copacetic. I think CEPH is going to dump bigtime, head and shoulders with lower right shoulder and I'm trying out a few new "prop" ideas, which probably are totally useless (yukyuk).:)
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    OHI looks like it may be setting up for a short ,shooting star followed by near gravestone doji candle at high levels on the daily.
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