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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pejman Hamidi, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. neo_hr


    My kinda thread at last :)

    Hey Tony, didnt get the chance to thank you for he he.... I got some more plays so Ill post my dime (probably worth a nickel or less) worth of knowledge here. Great work Paj, hope we can get this going as theese kinda threads have always slipped away once started.

    I will only post dailys not to waste space here, im sure we can all find nice entries/exits Id rather like to cee if my general analysys is worth anything.

    Cheers guys!

    1st one :

    CBRL - looks to me like a nice pullback buy if it pulls a little more toward 20SMA (middleband), vol also decreasing
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    #11     Dec 19, 2001
  2. neo_hr


    CELG - a classic bearflag, though a day more would be fine then a breakdown. 200SMA could serve as a target

    LNCR - also in this category
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    #12     Dec 19, 2001
  3. neo_hr


    TQNT - late Sept, early Oct support, lower BB also support, seems to me we've got a nice little B.F . Tony will know what Im talkin about so Im not gonna give entry/exit/stop. OK, maybe just stop below LOD yesterday
    #13     Dec 19, 2001
  4. neo_hr


    BPRX - now this is something I ve always been curious about, extreme upper BB piercing, that should get the odds of going short right?! Hrm... Could try to catch a pullback or a continuation after a little flag forms in the next couple of days...
    #14     Dec 19, 2001
  5. neo_hr


    CMLS - if this aint a spike blowoff then I aint gonna be doing this job anymore :D

    MCAF, SLAB same ... I think Id be looking to short it somewhere on the 30/60 min chart. Havent looked at those though

    Now, good luck guys and have a good trading day!
    #15     Dec 19, 2001
  6. neo_hr


    looks as if I completly missed the boat here... noone replied :(
    #16     Dec 19, 2001
  7. gaijin


    S & P 500 <b> potential</b> H & S
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  8. Magna

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    looks as if I completly missed the boat here... noone replied

    Relax neo_hr, this post was only 7 hrs after all your charts with your analysis. It takes time for people to review things (which they may or may not do...) :)
    #18     Dec 19, 2001
  9. Brandonf

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    One of the more interesting things, IMHO, to note right now is that the Relative Strength in the Nasdaq is definatly lagging that of the DOW and the SP500, both of which are forming (potential) daily head and shoulders patterns in the context of weekly charts which look like they have done approximatly a 2/3 retest. So this would have me starting to nibble at some shorts and not want to be a raging bull so to speak. It seems that since the Sept lows the Price part of the market has definatly gone up, but with out much head way from the earnings part. So, IMHO, the party will always go on, but it may need a bit of rest before it goes on to the upside. Those are my quick and simple observations about the market in general.

    #19     Dec 19, 2001
  10. Brandonf

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    A lot of people don't like to trade NYSE issues for whatever reason, specialist theories seem to be a favorate past time when traders get together to blame some one else for their own foul ups. Anyway, Low is a pretty good example of a simple uptrendtrending stock making higher highs and lows etc. The weekly chart is a bit stretched out so this would make me either A) cautious on longs and or B) looking for shorts. Over the last few days Volatility on LOW has really pulled in, and normally you will find that volatility tends to revert to its mean..which just implies that there should be some sort of large move in LOW. I'd look for shorts in LOW under $45.50 (unless it gapped under it in which case Id want to give it an hour or so) and longs in LOW above $46.30 (again unless it gaps more than 20 cents in which case I would want) As the stock is in "blue sky" territory an upside target is hard to gauge and you would have to just watch the stock. For a downside target there is a wall of support around $40.
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    #20     Dec 19, 2001