trading IB webtrader on a cell phone

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  1. anybody trade through their cell phone?

    I have an IB account and I am in the market for a cell phone. I want to be able to trade webtrader from my cell phone. Does the phone have to be 3g? does it have to be a smart phone? Any recommendations?

  2. OK, I'm not reallly familiar with Webtrader. But IB offers MobileTrader which can be accessed by cell phone.

    I currently own a BlackBerry 8830 operated via Verizon. I can access IB's Mobile Trader, which allows me to enter orders, get quotes, review portfolio, etc. Here's a link:


    You could make a trade. But it would not be like using TWS either. I have it primarily for a backup in case my internet access goes down. I can access this wirelessly, and close positions if needed.

  3. Works great on an iPhone... I was surprised.
  4. What works great....Webtrader or MobileTrader?

  5. The OP asked about WebTrader, not Mobiletrader, so that is what I was responding to. For clarity's sake
  6. Interesting. I'm unable to access WebTrader via BlackBerry. When I access I automatically get the Mobile Trader.

    How exactly are you accessing WebTrader via your IPhone?

  7. Dont worry about it, I did the firmware update and now I cant. LOL.

    It just hangs at the login screen. Of course I did the update at 6 last night and attempted to connect at 9pm.

    Gonna figure out what I did to mess things up. (I added a bunch of unsupported 3rd party apps to my iphone)
  8. Yeah, that login screen is the Mobile Trader probably. That's what I get.

    For what it's worth, Webtrader requires IE6.0 according to IB. I assume you don't have that.

  9. LOL. IE doesnt run on APPLES iPhone. They use Safari.
  10. I heard someone say you can trade IB webtrader through the iphone. Someone else said that webtrader requires IE 6.0 and the iphone does not have IE, it uses some other type of web browser (Safari, I think). Can someone confirm any of these

    thank you

    Any word on when the new version of iphone is coming out?
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