Trading IB Account from QCharts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. its about time i will test it later. are there instructions someplace?
  2. only problem in a fast market QCHARTS lags horribly......i mean +2or more S&P points!
  3. vhehn

    The link I gave above is the instructions.

  4. Don't even think about it!!!!!

    You will be totally screwed if you use Qcharts for anything more than a background for making money using IB.

    I am on multiscreen et al, and I mentor on IB TWS.

    There is no way Qcharts data is ever current enough to trade SCT with it. On ES any contract volume over 10K per 5 min bars will not be current.
  5. colina


    "On ES any contract volume over 10k per 5 min bars will not be current....."

    I use qcharts and in their defense although my bias is their feed is average/not as good as the competition, my experience has not been as bad as others.

    It is a two way street, and one has to be somewhat technically inclined in order to have a smooth running environment. Some of the things I have struggled with in the past:

    1) Using an up to date version

    2) if using a firewall, allow incoming UDP ports: 56396 - 56398 for proper assessment of ping times via qcharts’ route table

    3) Do not work in an environment where your computer resources ( memory,cpu cycle time, etc ) are sparse to begin with. If during breakouts ( eg. 10k/5m vol bars ) your cpu cycle time hits 75% - 100% it may not be qcharts fault. A nice number is for the System idle process to always have anywhere from 25% - 50% of the cpu cycle time. These things can be monitored via -> " ctl alt del" and viewing processes in the windows' task mgr. Also don't ever use more than 50 % of your phycial memory.

    4) In this day and age of tera bytes and broad bandwidths use at least low end T1 internet connection. Take into consideration by your bandwidth.

    It breaks my heart when people tear down Qcharts. I can not argue about the integrity of its' data feed, or some of the horror stories I hear, but as far as charting packages its my baby - lol
  6. colina


    As I am posting this , a nice b.o. on ES ( using eastern standard time)

    A) beautiful b.o.(price,macd,volume) 13:39
    B) 13:45 MACD div
    C) 13:50 STOC hit overbought
    D) 13:50 MACD histogram > |.4|
    E) 14:07 Broke loy
    F) 14:31 hit res @ intra hod
    G) 14:40 MACD conv -> xover
    H) 14:48 2nd attempt, hit res @ intra hod
    I) volume (gasoline) diminishing, kaput
    J) 14:55 overbought status expired