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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by usman88, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. usman88


    Well Ive been following the HSI futures for a couple of weeks now and I cant wait to start trading it. Problem is that my current broker(MFGlobal) does not offers this contract. Ive read a couple of threads regarding HSI on ET and it seems that most people are using IB(Interactive Brokers) for trading on HSI. I know IB is great but I want to do business through some other broker. Can you guys recommend some?

    I searched here and there and found Any comments about this broker?

    Any other options?

  2. nolajy


    You should call MF GlOBAL... they trade the HSI.. I am not sure why you think otherwise, but I called the 24 hour desk and they absolutely trade the HSI. Your Welcome
  3. Best broker for range of world markets (including HSI MHI HHI) is InteractiveBrokers.
  4. RedDuke


    I agree with Kiwi, your best bet to trade HSI is IB.
  5. usman88


    just talked with my broker
    he will be giving me details later today
    lets see