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What are your automated intraday trading hours?

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  1. All times the markets are open

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  2. Wait some time after markets open, trade til close

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  3. Trade immediately on open, stop before close

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  4. Wait sometime after open and stop some time before close

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  1. This applies generally to all intraday automated strategies without going into specifics.

    Do start trading immediately after market open or do you have blackout periods? Also, do you stop trading before the market officially closes?

    I've noticed weird stuff during the 1st hour of each day and things tend to stabilize after that....
  2. I generally start the system a little time before the open, and then stop trading a little time before the close. The first hour, even the first 30 mins are choppy, but overall my system have managed to trade through those time frames decently. This applies to all the markets I trade, including a few overseas markets.
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    Models are trading 24/6 (FX).
  4. lato


    Good question,not too many responders.

    You guys position trading?.My question is How do you respond to mechanical signal(automated trading) that is near the end of the session and price moves few points away from you in afterhours,liquidity is the issue.
    The way i do it is i don't take signals past 3.30 and i trade futures.


    Good trading to you all.
  5. lato


    whipsaws do me,not the liquidity,i am not that big

    so i shoud say,How do you deal with whipsaws.lower volatility etc.?