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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hopeful, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Would like to try the HK stock market, but my broker IB doesn't provide any scanning for HK. I'm a very short-term trader.

    Google didn't turn up much useful info either.

    Anyone here trade HK stocks? How do you scan for the movers and actives etc?
  2. You might want to contact these HK/Chinese brokers and inquire.

    Yes, they're really brokers over there.

    Even if I tried, I couldn't come up with more rock-solid names.


    Bullish Securities Ltd (852)2815-3183
    Daily Growth Investment Co Ltd (852)2850-6065
    Everhot Securities Ltd (852)2851-6631
    Get Nice Investment Ltd (852)2810-0104
    Great Honest Investment Co Ltd (852)2526-2311
    Head & Shoulders Securities Ltd (852)2523-5003
    Ko's Brother Securities Co Ltd (852)2332-9917
    Lucky Securities Co Ltd (852)2530-4088
    Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd (852)2815-7663
    Topmore Securities Ltd (852)2586-1318
    Yu On Securities Co Ltd (852)2534-1837
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    I will see when we can add HK stocks to the scanner. In the meantime, there are a number of software firms that provide scanners - basic info such as largest gainers, 52 week highs, is usually available for free. Here's a couple of software providers, the first has a bunch of free info on its website:
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    Steve, I would also like to see HK (and Tokyo) stocks added to the scanner.
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    Tokyo stocks are on the scanner (when it's not a holiday in Japan - Mon, Thurs, Fri are holidays in Japan this week.).
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    i'm serious
  9. I used to be a shareholder of Get Nice The insiders used to play the regulator and the shareholders for fools. They were constantly being given 'speeding tickets'. And they were perportedly one of the more ethical broking houses (sic)

    A good call option to get into is 3715 which is a Wharf call warrant. It is real cheap at the moment. Get in before Li Ka Shing and his cronies pump and dump it.
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    Hi Hopeful,

    If you are a short term trader, I suggest you look at futures rather then stocks. The best contracts in Asia are Hang Seng, Nikkei and Kopsi (not available for US traders unfortunately).

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