Trading Hong Kong HSI Futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by estrader, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Trading HSI is turning out to be a bitch. The contracts moves around quite a lot, good for scalping, however its movement is not very much related to anything, and the dynamics of the trends are not fully undestood by me.

    If any one is trading this market and has feel and understanding I would like to hear about your experience and observation. It really suits me well timewise, I just need to get a hang of it.

  2. def

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    Have you ever looked at the constituents?
    The news? there are a few good web sites and the local english papers are and I think
    The sectors ? (ie. property, finance, telecoms).
    Fair Value?

    I can't give specific advice but take a look at those maybe it will help.
  3. Thanks Def, I know you cannot give an advice, so I'm looking to hear from someone who is not affiliated with any brokerage, and who can speak his mind. It seems like it is traded by individual investors and that is why it is so emotional and jumps around.
  4. HSI futures market follows the HK market as well as

    japan and other asian markets?

    plus the stock index futures here in the USA?