Trading high volatility "exotic" FX

Discussion in 'Forex' started by andretrader, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. I have been trading the major currencies for a time now,
    and I was thinking why not try other currencies,
    like the:
    Thai Bath, Philipinene Peso, Argentina Peso, Brazil Rial, and Indian Rupee, and so on,
    and lot of other Asian and eastEur liquid currencies.

    Where can I find charts for these currencies, aganst the dollar or Euro.

    And any brooker who offers trading in these currencies?

    I asume that the spreads are bigger, and liquidty is lower, but hey the volatility is also Higher! Why not try it..

    thanks for any comments/help..
  2. bloomberg has EOD stuff
  3. Bloomberg? I didnt find any exotic FX charts there..

    Does anyone know where I can find a chart for GPB in 1992, when Soros broke the pound..
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    Chart below, excel spreadsheet with data attached.

  5. Erniii


    Open a demo account at

    It's a polish broker using MT4 paltform. It offers currencies like Polish Zloty, Czech korona, Ukrainian hryvnia, Saouth africa rand and few other against the $ and E. And YES!! The spreads are enormous!!

    I think trading exotics is a tricky thing. From my experience (I used to trade my countries currency - Polish Zloty for some time) I can tell you that basing only on technical analisys is very unwise. You'd have to know what's going on in the countries economies
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    Saxo Bank has 160 currency pairs, you'll find whatever you want there. Oanda also has quite a broad range of currencies.

    The Turkish Lira was a real gold mine in 2007. The offered interest rate at Oanda for TRY is 15.75% today. It is still the best carry out there, but overvalued at the moment, so much care is needed.

    The Romanian Leu seems to be a bit undervalued, after serious unwinding. The Romanian central bank has enough resources and will to intervene in the markets, so it should not get much higher than 3.7 imho. Consider also they just raised rates 50bp to 7.5%.
  7. Slovakian crown was about 5 years ago to US dollar NEARLY USDSKK 1:50 now it is 1:22. It continually improves even to EURO.
    You can not loose for longer term trades.
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    Long term is ok knowing some basic fundamentals. But not DT.