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  1. Hi,I am currently trading these products.

    US 10 YR T-Note Sep 11 (TYU1)
    Gold Oct 11 (GCV11.CMX)
    E-Mini S&P 500 Sep 11
    Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Futures nov11

    what all fundamentals i should consider while trading these products?where can i find live news feed about these products?
    is there any free software to get live data(1min bar) of these products so that i can use some technical indicators on that?
  2. I trade Oil and Emini S&P. I don't look at news reports. I just trade what I see in the charts.
    30 minute - 5 min - 1 min and 2 tick range for ES and 3 tick range for Oil. I look for movement and play breakouts and pulbacks. Very basic - Very Simple - Not easy though. My breakthrough came when I stopped looking for trades and just watched for opportunities. Movement means MONEY! I trade on Ninja and I use the Jigsaw DOM. Quality, professional tools
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    Ninja is free but the live data will cost you. Probably the cheapest way to get data is through ninja trader brokerage and paying the 25 dollar per month inactivity fee. I do not know of any free live data providers.There is a free replay data source for ninja

    I'm with Barnacle Bill though. I don't do any fundamental research or look at news; by the time I would be able to get news, read it and decide what I would do it is too late. I watch for WHEN important news is to be released and stay away. Good example was this Friday during the unemployment rate announcement; the 6E dropped like a rock.:eek: If someone had been long before the announcement they would have been slipped big time.
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    Hi Bill,
    I'm using Jigsaw myself; I agree that it is an extremely useful tool. It took a considerable amount of time to "get it" and one day it just "clicked". :) "Not easy though" is a good way to say it. I am also using Rancho Dinero's footprint chart which I have found to be a good compliment to Jigsaw. I use a 2 tick renko chart on the footprint and two 70 tick charts; one showing the whole day and the other showing the last hour of trading +/- . I am trading the 6E looking for volume imbalance and exhaustion. Jigsaw is REALLY helpful in seeing when limit orders are pulling or stacking.
  5. Are you the same Bill that moderates the jigsaw room?

  6. What times are you trading?

    You say that you are looking for volume imbalance and exhaustion.
    How many quality trades are available in a typical day for you?

    What challenges have you faced in trading volume imbalance and exhaustion consistently?

    What is your best insight or clue that there is imbalance or exhaustion?
  7. I am the same Barnacle Bill.
    Unfortunately when I first started in the room I traded terrible.
    I am naturally a fearless trader but while in the room fear crept in.
    The fear of being wrong in front of all those people.
    I also took trades just for the sake of having something for the people to watch.

    I have been trained by Tony Robbins to be a coach so I had to start coaching myself.
    I discovered that I was looking TOO HARD for trades.
    If you look for trades - You'll find them - Whether they are good or bad doesn't matter -
    You WILL find a trade!

    For me personally - I had to stop "Looking for trades" and start to watch for opportunities.
    There's a difference. A trade is a setup - Opportunity is good movement or price action

    But just watching for opportunities makes for a sometimes boring trade room.
    Sometimes if nothing is there - I'll just get up and walk away from the screen.

    Since I made that little change I am much more profitable and just passed the $150k Topstep combine and yesterday was day 1 of the Live Preparation.

    I don't really need the money but I just wanted to challenge myself.

    The biggest thing that has helped me in my trading overall is knowing what drives the market.
    Why is price stopping there?
    Why is price racing from there?
    Why is price just trading in that small range?

    In just a short phrase - Auction and inventory

  8. 1. How long have you been trading?
    2. Frequency (Swing - Day - Scalp)
    3. What is your biggest frustration or challenge?
    4. What have you tried so far that hasn't worked?
    5. What's your biggest fear when it comes to your specific challenge or frustration?
    6. What worries you? - If you don't do something immediately?
    7. What would you be willing to do to solve the problem or achieve your goal?
    8. If you had one question answered about your challenge - What would it be?
    9. What would your trading life look like if it was PERFECT?
  9. This thread feels a bit like one of those movie scenes of a help group session... You know the one, like a AAA or testicular cancer group sort of scene... Where the one guy stands up and says I used to (description of the way he was a deviant or erring before) but now I (newly configured way of looking at things)... And the crowd vocally expresses emotional support, although they don't necessarily understand what the guy is describing - That bit does not matter so much as the result of the meeting, which will without question be a redress of the man's deviant ways - The substance does not matter, it's an exercise in motivational hypnosis.

    But come to think of it that's what a lot of these threads resemble.
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  10. DEVIANT!!!

    Has my wife been talking about me again? ;)
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