Trading Halt

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  1. What kind of orders are accepted during a trading halt? Can one buy options or are they halted as well?
  2. In my experience, if the underlying is halted, the options are as well.
    Wouldn't be "fair" otherwise, right? With both deep ITM calls and cheap OTM calls and puts, would negate the reason for the halt.

  3. Possible to replicate with an index future, based on the market cap of the halted stock, and your ability to short all the others :p
  4. confirmed options are halted as well when ul is halted for obvious reasons mentioned above.
  5. I think trading halts should be banned. Its unfair if I own a stock, quickly see bad news and am in a position to get out with a small loss as opposed to a halt then gap down 40%. Its total bulldung.
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    What's a trading halt.? When do they a occur?
  7. a trading halt is when a security is "halted" meaning no one can trade it or any deriv of it (e.g. options). it occurs when there is pending news such as an fda decision, lawsuit, investigation, etc.
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    Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply. Is this something that happens often?
  9. Would be nice if u were short..