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    This Thursday (18th November, 2021), we are holding an impromptu Group Therapy. For a change, the topics will be somewhat of a mystery - well, they will to me. And if that's all you need to sign up so you can listen to my accent - click here.

    For the more demanding amongst you...

    I often get emails like the one below and often it's hard to type a response as it would take so much time. Hence we hop on calls. In this case, we'll have a live call with the trader. I have not spoken to them yet, and this is someone who likely needs broader advice - much different from recent sessions with Marcos or CB who just needed help getting over the line. This looks more like someone that needs pointers earlier on in their journey - at least on the Order Flow side. Here's the email:

    "I do not know if it is OK to write to you directly, if not let me know.

    I have been using JigSaw for a month now on Futures Funding accounts and all in all it seems like I am doing something correctly but then again.
    I was inspired by the 1 tick drill and the "Road to Profit" video so I have mainly tried to get 1-2 ticks form the UB or 1 point in the ES per entry. Also I did mostly only 1 - 2 trades a day. For now I am having an almost 90% win rate with 1 contract. I am now starting to take more trades and am also contemplating to use 2 instead of 1 contract for the entries.
    But in several of your videos I have seen that you are a proponent of large(r) targets but then obviously lower win rates. Also in the 7 most effective Trading Setups video "my way" is called a bad setup or way of trading.
    So would you be able to provide me with some help or pointers to how I can transition from where I am to where I "should" be ?"

    So a more "back to basics" session - techniques, expectations and figuring out what on earth to do next.

    Click here to register. It's free and YES it'll be recorded.

  2. Peter:
    As a proponent of large(r) targets do you actually trade in real time? post trade stats?
    In the 7 most effective Trading Setups video do you actually trade any set up? post trade stats?
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    Well - I am not sure I am a proponent of larger targets but everything is relative.

    In the educational video, we describe the setups and the management rationale:

    I haven't put up stats to be honest and it is a reasonable question. No idea why they set it to not show - but click and you'll see it.

    I didn't make a call on showing stats for this video or not - so I didn't decide not to particularly in this case. It's more of a general decision based on a few factors:
    • We are compliant and have compliant sites (e.g. brokers) linking to ours - so if we make a claim, as I understand it - the CFTC could audit us. That's reasonable. But doesn't sound like fun.
    • I live in a country with a high rate of poverty and I have always been wary of people knowing what I earn - but I think my wife pretty much blew that away now with the bloody stupid car she drives. I also dress like a vagrant.
    • It would absolutely put people off - especially those with 90% win-rates in their head. We prefer to lull them into working their asses off with reasonable targets in mind BEFORE they realize they are working their asses off.
    • What we do is try to give people stuff they can validate themselves. You'll see what I mean in the video. It's not asking for anything to be taken on faith. BUT also - I might not be doing a good job in explaining it.

    Obviously - this will be called a list of excuses, which is fine.

    Take a look at the vid - there's no hidden hypnotic ads to draw you in. Let me know your thoughts on whether the ability to see this sort of thing yourself is sufficient or better/worse than stats at some point in time that's related to market conditions at that time.
  4. what? is there an answer in there?
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