trading GEM on ET, needle in a haystack

Discussion in 'Trading' started by C- kid, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    thank you for coming,

    I am a man of few words, so lets get to bidnis

    countless here accuse me of being just a shill for myself, but I have been dropping cryptic GEMS all over ET for quite some time now, I hate to sound like Jack H but if you are smart you picked up on it

    anyway I really should go but I will leave you with another big GEM

    Question: what's your trading day preparation like

    Answer: to prepare for next day of trading, I spend about 3.5 minutes on it. And yet I am one of the best traders I ever saw

    that can only mean that I use KISS

    KISS is the name of this game people


    PS: Monkey Boy don't come here saying I am fat..........I am going :(

    son of a gun chased me out :p
  2. C- kid

    C- kid