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  1. there's a trading system called "gapstrader"(google it).

    what do you think about the idea behind the system? Can it work?

    (I'd appreciate only serious feedback regarding the TRADING SYSTEM idea, not personal stuff!)
  2. Didn't notice any free trial period. :D
  3. sounds like a scam to me..............they cant even get any testimonials from people in the united states.......equals a joke and a scam
  4. I wrote them an email requesting a free trial, and they gave me one for 2 weeks..
    I received last week' s GapsTrader Stocklist, and will receive the next one tomorrow
  5. Anyone who bases a system on guessing what is going to happen overnight might as well take that money and go down to your local casino.......youll have more fun that way and still lose the same amount of money
  6. but that' s the whole point!
    anyone who enters a trade intraday is equally could equally go up or down.
    the LESS one is in the market intraday, the higher the winning chances!
  7. You obviously know nothing about trading and thusly you should be banned from this site for you ignorance. Anyone who trades intraday is NOT equally guessing like you are. When you trade intraday you can get out if the stock goes against you while your retarded gap trading "strategy" you are stuck no matter what. And you get even dumber after that with your quote

    "The less one is in the market intraday, the higher the winning chances"

    This just shows how utterly stupid you are and that all you are trying to do is sell your scam to other idiots like you.
  8. NoDoji


    Really? You mean like the day trader who has almost a 3.00 a share gain on an intraday short position that's pulling back from 52-week highs and decides to hold for big profits like in the attached chart?

    Nice thing about intraday guesses is you can use stops to protect you.
  9. you guys just don't understand:

    that' s because you didn' t read the gapstrader software explanation.

    the system is based on STATISTICS, not on 1 example going wrong.

    they trade 10 stocks each day, 250 times a year, that' s 2500 trades a day...

    and it should profitable because you have MORE winning gaps than losing ones

    also: intraday trading is the most dangerous of all. of course you set stops, but if they' re too close you "re-enter" trades far too many times, and if they' re too wide, then it' s like not having a stop at all.
    also: trading 10-20 stocks each day YOU DON' T NEED STOPS AT ALL, 'cause it' s diversified enough.

    but go on, just you continue trading intraday the way you do..
  10. This is interesting news.
    You can now advertise and spam on Elite trader without paying.

    Thanks milimabuse for showing us that there are no moderators in the trading forum anymore.
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