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  1. Okay, here' s a BIG truth you'll almost never hear about trading:

    99.999% of systems DON'T work!
    Here' s why:

    Forget all technical indicators - MA, MACD, RSI..etc etc..

    the market can ALWAYS get more oversold when you thought you' re buying at oversold, and if you happen to be a channel breakout buyer, well it can crush you and take out all your stops the next minute.

    It CANNOT work, because a stock can ONLY go UP or DOWN, it' s like Roulette red/black with the ONLY advantage being that you don' t lose when the table hits 0 'cause that' s when the stock doesn' t move...

    So no indicator in the world can predict the market. it all comes out to luck in the end if you use indicators:
    you could have a "winning series" where your Elliott waves work perfectly, you make 50% in 3 months, and think you' re the King of the World..just to get cocky enough to languidly stumble into a dull range or even worse a "back to beginning" bear phase, where all your "dip-buying" eats your profits...

    don' t we all know this? haven# t we all been there..?

    so why do 99% of traders still look for the holy indicator grail..

    forget it!

    There are 2 things that work.
    Here' s one. I know the fella who invented and traded this at a major firm and made real dough!

    Read carefully, and figure yourself how LOGICAL this is!
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  3. Who are you, James Cagney?
  4. no. I'm a real trader with 10 years of successful, pro trading on my back

    but it appears more and more to me that this forum is massively populated by guys with ego problems instead of serious traders exchanging ideas...

  5. this is the 2nd stupid post about trading gaps you started today so you could advertise........people like you are ruining this site
  6. "Panhandling" and "exchanging ideas" are not synonymous, last time I checked.
  7. dozu888


    agree about the post being stupid.

    disagree about 'ruining this site'.... the entertainment value of this site has reached a permanent plateau and is on a foreever bullish run... it cannot be ruined.
  8. well, let me tell you what my first boss back in the 90ies at Salomon told me:

    "The difference between a genius and fools is time. Time for the fools to start believing the genius"
  9. I checked out the site and it is an absolute joke......testomonials from 3 non americans, gotta love that. This guy is an idiot and this is a huge scam. I do enjoy telling this guy what an idiot he is for this stupid strategy, so thanx for being a moron malimabuse
  10. ah "ROT",

    how could I ever get angry with you?
    insulting something you have no idea about is like waiting for your icecream to melt before you eat it in 100 degrees...
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