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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by John47, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. John47


    Anyone know of a good, programable keyboard (or for that matter, joystick, etc) to be used for scalping/trading?

    I am a scalper, and I'm switching front ends...some of the key strokes will be different and I'd like to get a key board that I can program most (or hopefully all) of the keys to whatever function i want.

    The razor tarantula seems to be alright. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Bushido


    I personally use a Logitech G15. In a nutshell.. it has 18 programmable macro keys with the possibility of 3 macros to be set on each. So basically you can have 54 macros setup.

    Though there are two versions available, I would recommend getting your hands on the older one if you do choose to use it.

    Edited(link added):

    Covers the basic difference between v1 and v2
  3. If you use something like autohotkey every keyboard is programmable. It probably depends exactly what you want.

    I just set the keys on my numeric keypad to trading functions (and I could alt, ctrl, or shft them for 3+ times the number of functions). But you get the idea.
  4. John47


    I've thought of using the normal number pad to the left of the keyboard (what I've always used) however I was under the impression most macro programs could only program the regular keys?

    As well, I'm a little nervous about having my orders go through a macro program, then my front end (speed is paramount w/ my style of trading).....thats why if possible I'd rather go w/ a keyboard I could program myself.

    That company looks pretty good uptick. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'd like to hear from some other scalpers...what do you use? Futurestrader71 (if he's stil here) does similar stuff to what I do, i believe.