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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by centurion, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. centurion


    Hi there

    Came across a game on the net called traderwars.

    It's a real time player to player game, quite challenging actually, and gives a real sense of the cut and thrust of trading.

    Might be good way for beginners to cut their teeth, get a sense of the mindset of trading.
  2. Get a sense of WHOSE mindset of trading? Get a sense of the mindset of trading of WHAT KIND OF TRADER?

    You might consider how characterizing trading affects your actual trading. For example, how viewing trading as "cut and thrust" affects your behavior as compared to viewing trading as a "peaceful, go with the flow" process.

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    Cut And Thrust winning the harness race against champions Henschke and Easy Dash.
  3. I think you are being slightly rude and fairly condescending. The person who posted was only sharing his experience of a trading game. I just had a look at it and thought it was pretty good and i think I understand what the guy meant when he said cut and thrust. Nevertheless, I think he could have described it better.