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  1. hwlm


    Hi all,

    I've been trading equities for some time now. But I'm looking to learn futures trading. Would anyone be able to point me to a direction to begin my futures trading adventure?

    Appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. what would you like to know?

    One thing I will say is, depending on how you trade equities, futures are really not all that different. What makes futures so dangerous for most is the leverage ability that most abuse (and lose). Just don't think futures are get rich quick.
  3. hwlm


    well, for a start, I would like to know what the available futures trading simulators are and what resources I should read up on. When you say its not that different from equities, does it mean that TA apply similarly to the futures market? Ahhh, yes the risk is definitely as much, if not higher...

    Thanks again!
  4. Check the course 'An Introduction to Futures'

  5. RedSun


    Broker, like IB, offers all the instruments, futures included. It has simulated trading you can test. Other big brokers have the same setup.

    Futures have extremely high leverage. Some of the brokers offer insane intra-day low margin. For $500, you can trade a NASDAQ-100 mini that have a notional value of $35,000. That is 75:1 leverage. The current ATR is 27/day. You can lose $540 a day!

    Futures are good to use if you get a really trading system, or guess the market more correct than wrong. Money management is another part of the story....