Trading futures with MT4?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fxlmnop, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. fxlmnop


    Does anyone know if it is possible to trade the ES NQ YM etc through MT4?

    I've got some indicators that I use trading forex I'd like to test out on the ES

  2. if you can code, the indicators may be able to be converted to use in NinjaTrader
    a couple of indicators i've seen that have been converted are identical, possibly
    even better than the originals
    don't know if anyone's tried to convert Experts and how well they work, i mention
    NT because it would be a very much better way to trade futures regardless of
    how much you may like MT4

    there are fx brokers in 'Russia' and Cyprus that offer futures and etc, the main
    problem is the commissions are quite high, MT4 charting doesn't have tick or
    seconds charts etc, and i'm not sure if trades are actually placed on Globex, but
    you should at least get a 30 day demo to try your indicators and if they work and
    you can't code find out if they're able to be converted for NT either by a user on the
    NT forum or pay for them to be converted
    NT forum:
    here's the Indicators page if you want to look through and see if any of your
    indicators have been converted, one example is the G#MACD page 6 that was
    first written for MT4 by 'CJA'
    NT Indicators:
  3. fxlmnop


    Hi Wallace,

    Thanks so much for the reply...A bit late responding sorry about that :)

    Thanks for the links...Sadly I'm not a coder, but paying to have them converted is an option, thanks for the heads up on that.

    It's not an expert advisor...just a couple of MT4 coded indicators that I'd like to try out on some futures contracts...what I was thinking was to try out the demo for 30 days just to see how well it works (most MT4 brokers offer a demo)...and if it does I could always keep renewing the 'Russian/Cyprus" demo accounts for charting and place trades off a more reputable broker.

    Do you have any urls for these MT4 brokers in Russia and Cyprus?

    Thanks again.
  4. Those brokers in Russia and Cyprus that use MT4 are notorious for freezing a trader out of entering or closing a position. DEALING DESK type order manipulation at your own risk. You have been warned.......

    Wallace is right, you're much better off having someone converting your MT4 templates to Ninja and trade thru a broker here in USA where at least some sort of real govt regulations will protect you against order interference.

    Russia and Cypus are the "wild west" of trading brokers. Stay away from them if you dont want to blow up your acct at their luxury.
  5. fxlmnop


    I appreciate and plan to heed your warning...however I just want to do some prelim testing on a demo account live trading...if there is a glimmer of hope from the demo then I'll take the step to pay someone to convert them.
  6. sk8erboy


    i use these guys
    they're from russia but i'm russian myself
    they have cfd's (0.01 lots minimum) on vast variety of futures, they have exchange spreads but charge commissions ($10 RT for full lot, $0.10 for 0.01 lot)
    yeah, sometimes they have quote problems, but on average the order is executed in 1-2 sec
  7. fxlmnop


    Thanks sk8erboy...appreciate the link.