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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ynox1, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Does anyone trade or know anyone who trades futures remotely from home (US)? If so, in which exchange? What software is it used and how is the speed getting in and out of trades.
    I am currently at a prop firm in London, I trade bond futures (Eurex and Cbot), but thinking of coming to US to trade remotely, but one of my biggest concerns is the speed and reliability of the systems trading from home. I know that are companies such as GlobalFutures and Vtrader set you up and provide supoprt, but I have no idea if would be any good.
    If you guys have any information it would be really helpful, thanks!
  2. Pretty much instantaneous with any decent front end. Most retail brokers are just fine for speed in electronic orders. They may have other probs, but speed isn't one of them.

    I hear great things about Vtrader, but know little about their remote system.

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    If you set yourself up with proper equipment and internet connection, you should be fine wherever you trade
  4. I am sorry:

    These folks are kidding with you.

    It is just not possible with the technology currently available

    I understand that it is being done on some of the other planets including Saturn, Mercury and mostly on URANUS. The "United Plantary" Exchange is open there 24 planetary hours a day. You may want to contact them. The link is

    Good luck

  5. If you have a powerful internet and computer and X-Trader, you can trade from anywhere really. The speed and systems have nothing to do with the firm in most cases but your own equipment.

    If you have a powerful computer and broadband and a good platform, like X-trader or something like it, then you are good to go.

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    Thanks for all your replies.
  7. One thing to consider is the farther you are away from their server can be issue, latency. My buddy was trading on X Trader in the Ukraine and connected to Velocity in Chicago and had delay a couple of times on the dome as compared to his charts, due to latency I believe. If you are in the US and it is a US based broker it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Your looking at 100-200 milliseconds latency (delay) tops.

    Connections from most of Europe to NE America are every bit as fast as from say West coast USA to NE.

    If you can deal with market orders perhaps taking 0.1 of a second longer to hit the market it should not be a problem.