trading futures in IRA?

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    i just jumped from trading stocks to mini futures on IB, and i notice on their site as well as here on ET, that you can trade futures in an IRA acct., what is the benifit of this? i'm guessing it's tax related, but can someone tell me exactly how it works?
  2. It is not tax related, you pay the same tax when you take out the money.

    Most IRA account has <$25k. More like PDT rule. I think you cannot have a margin IRA account as well.
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    ok, can you explain the benefit of trading in an ira?
  4. I didn't know you could trade the e-mini through an IRA.

  5. Can you short-sell futures in an IRA?

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    i don't know i just saw on the ib web site, futures trading through IRA, and rember seeing posts about it on here and figured i'd see what it's about.
  7. ive been in the qualifed plans biz for six years and dont think you can trade futures in an IRA and never heard of otherwise... but ive seen stranger things.
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    go to, look at the homepage on the right side, there is a scrolling window, says new at IB, it show futures trading in IRA acct.
    i just want to know what the advatage of it is?
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    Ron, where did you specifically read that you can only use certain investment vehicles (i.e. specifically not futures) for an IRA? That would seem pretty odd to me there would be a restriction on where you can put your money. Maybe i am off here. Just wanted a professional's take.
  10. 1. can you short?
    2. is each contract a "cash" trade?
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