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  1. Hi
    Well i have decide to trade full time ( only future ES NQ YM ) for a living
    I will be getting laid off in feb so i have decided to jump in to trading
    I like to scalp on the ym and the NQ , and for the ES i like to play accordingly to the Hi and low
    I will be using Stradgey runner ( Global Futures ) as my platform
    I will be starting out with $20K + 2K for expenses and will be looking to make ( or what my target is $2500 a month the 1st 6 month and then on my performance i will try to go higher
    Single 29 years old dont have to worry about family
    how many pll on ET are trading future for a living and any good advice do let me know
  2. djxput


    Well good luck ...

    Probably the right time to do it (now since you dont have a wife kids etc ...)

    although I would probably leave yourself a stop point with your money (incase you dont make it) so you can still pay your rent etc till you get a new job etc ...)

    let us know how you do (maybe you want to keep us updated here so we can follow your progress and offer advice etc ...)
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    Looks like you already know what to trade and how to trade and planning on a 12% monthly profit, so maybe we should ask you for advice...
  4. hello sir

    have you backtested or traded with real money ( even better )

    your trading methods in the ETF's first?

    say 100-200 SPY or 200-400 QQQQ etc

    less leverage than futures ... so you will not lose so much at first
    while trying to find an edge
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    Man, I doubt 20 grands are enough dough to start trading for a living. Better you look for a new job and save more than 50000 $. Start with trading just one contract over untill you are profitabe for at least 6 month in a row. Successfull traders say you loose in the first year, stay even in the second, and start winning consistently in the third year.

    Take care!

  6. *Sigh*

    How I wish it had only taken me 3 years to turn net positive. I guess I'm the dull bulb around here.
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  8. Tums


    you said it !
  9. Pekelo


    I think 20K is enough for a start, but I am curious why the OP thinks he can make 12% monthly right from the start...

    I guess if he can make 10 ES a month with 5-6 ctrs, he can achieve that goal, but then again, he should give advice for us...
  10. 20K is very a very sufficient amount to start trading futures with. i dont think a 12% monthy return will be hard to pull off at all as long as you can maintain your discipline.
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