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    Hi all

    I start this thread for many reasons, because I think US Trader can interesse with EU MARKET.....So I try to keep records in this thread my in/out..

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    Hi all

    I'm newbie's in this forum. I'm Swing Trading NKH-HHA-EUREX-CAC.

    Also I'm French-VN I don't write good English,

    If anybody trade theses market, in particulary, FDAX-FCE (CAC Indexe Future) I'd know why there are a discount November against December 2006.

    After this "purge" (ECB) "Trichet", Do u think the "rallyle" could begin from earning ?

    I've been bearish on CAC FUTURES INDEXES since ADAM&EVE at 11/27 session, so I want to know before to close my position with >150 Profits for 1 weekly.

    At last not at least, where I can search "chart pattern" Bolowski ?

    Lien cool :


    My method : "SQC CHART PATTERN IN PERCENT ERROR"...So u can improve my trade with serious comment.


    PS : (Future CAC Indexe, the 7th future indexe market on the world after FDAX..)