Trading full-time?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by facultus, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. gimp570


    I am trading full time ...throught a Prop. account

    #11     Sep 29, 2003
  2. x-or


    I'm trading my own account part time.

    Funny, I was about to open a thread called "How my full time job saved my trading".

    Here is the idea :
    I open a estx50 chart for the 1st time in the day around 1PM before lunch. My view of the market is quick and objective : Overbought I go short, oversold I go long, if anything else then no trade. Totally discretionnary. I've got fixed target & stops and I always exit at 6PM if the market didn't get me out.

    Why do I have better results than scalping for a few ticks at the opening ?

    - I don't look at the chart or TWS after entering the trade and before coming home at 6PM. No emotions involved.

    - I don't place more than 1 trade a day because my job don't let me the time to do it. Discipline

    In fact, my full time job helped me to eliminate the main 2 weaknesses in trading : emotions and lack of discipline.

    I realized that I couldn't trade full time because trading is about doing nothing and I can't.
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  3. T-REX


    Full Time....MY OWN ACCOUNT

    plus a couple of managed accounts
    plus running a Daily FORECAST on Euro Currency, Nq and Es :D
    #13     Sep 30, 2003
  4. Full time own account. Managing few friends and relatives accounts.
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  5. fuf


    Full time / Own account.

    Been approached to trade others funds and even start a small fund, not interested though. Life is simple ... want to keep it that way.
    #15     Oct 2, 2003
  6. full time for years. own account.
    #16     Oct 2, 2003