Trading full-time -- 2nd job and other streams of income?

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  1. With the economy in such bad shape and never knowing what the future holds, I want to get another stream of income going. I currently trade full time will be doing this for the next 10 months minimum.

    I'd like to get something that isn't too stressful/physical intensive. Also one where I can read books a lot or use a computer (i can bring a laptop and be on the internet) and interact/meet new people. Would need it to be in evening - night.

    Some ideas I have:
    hotel desk
    receptionist at a place that's not very busy
    data entry

    I also plan on getting my CFA

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

    Thank you
  2. anyone?
  3. Be a bartender on the weekends.... you can make decent $$$ if youre good in 2 nights...
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    A security officer. If you're lucky, you might have lots of free time.
  5. Considering the OP is likely not a hot chick with big tits, getting a bartender gig that will make him even barely decent money is very hard.

    A waiter is easier, but in these times, restaurants are hurting.
  6. Asbestos Handler on the weekends.. 28.75 / hour .... I did it when I was 19-21 can you. Have weekdays free to trade and go to the gym @ night time to relieve some stress...
  7. I don't understand. If you can make money trading, why would you want to have a second job? The money you can make from trading should be far exceeding the wages you get from any job.

    If you lose money trading, then you should stop trading. The wages you get from your "second" job would just be sunk into this hole.
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    Deuce Bigalow.

    LOL, but seriously, how about those gas station attendant. They just sit in their booths, and it doesn't look like they are very busy.
  9. I always wonder why all those celebrity athletes making millions each year playing sports would have second businesses on the side or doing TV commercials for extra dough that had no relationship to their sports (e.g. Michael Jordan doing Hanes underwear commercials, Maria Sharapova new perfume business et cetera).

    Simply, why do people that make millions per year would want to spend the time & energy having a second business on the side ???

    My point is this...why do people question someone that has a backup plan (plan B) just in case something goes wrong with their plan A especially during the current global economic problems. :confused:

    We should always be prepared for the worst case scenario because shit does or can happen.

    P.S. I have a darkroom photography business (plan B) and a website (plan C) just in case my trading (plan A) goes down the toilet.

    All three provides a consistent steady income for many years from the home.

  10. Having a backup plan is fine. One usually seeks for something comparable. You do your website, EBay selling or whatnot. But seeking for a labor job to supplement trading seems odd. If you are a CEO making over $100,000 a year would you seek for a second job as pizza delivery at night "in case" you get laid off? People do accept it "when it comes to it" but geez wouldn't it be easier to save money into a family emergency fund while life is still good?

    The thing is: if you lose $5000 on a bad trade during the day, how many hamburgers do you need to flip to make it back? That's why I said if the OP has been losing money trading, seeking for a second job to get income would only drain it more in losing trades.
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