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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bill321, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. bill321


    hi all
    would like to know if somebody is doing this. I work in IT department for financial company. My company has imposed a new policy of not allowing trading outside their own approved account.
    problem with following there rule is
    1. high transaction cost
    2. limit for 30 days or 15 % value drop
    3. get approval for each order.
    4. can set stop loss.

    i plan to only trade qqqq. i am thinking of opening a account on my spouses name and then trade.

    even though they said all related accounts need to be disclosed i will like to go ahead and do this.

    How many of you think it can create a problem. what are the chances my company can detect if i trade qqqq from my spouses account.
  2. nkhoi


    if you really work for IT department you should know how easy it is to track people activity on-line.
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  4. Bummer :mad:
  5. bill321


    i just monitor the market but i can call in or execute from my handheld.

    i need to know if they search by my ssn and my spouses ssn on all the accounts in different brokerages.

    do they provide a list to SEC and then then SEC will monitor the names.

    i am wondering how this works.

    there is no specific information with me which can be considered as insider trading.

    any more comments..
  6. And your boss wanders buy and fires you. Forget insider trading, violating your company's policy and getting canned should worry you more.

    As added evidence--you're asking EliteTrader how likely it is for someone to catch you? Your risk management skills are pretty questionable.
  7. bill321


    i have done lot of research.
    spent lot of time studying different analysis.
    i dont intend to day trade but would like to enter trade and put proper stops.

    i have spent well over 2years doing research. i fill very comfartable with my paper trades now.
  8. If you don't want to lose the job, don't take any chance. If you don't mind losing it, go ahead.
  9. bill321


    uptill now i haven't done... for last 1 year i am just doing paper trades. i am making sure when i switch my job i have enough talent to make money.
    i plan to moveto california and trade early morning only.

    any suggestion ...strategy for using rydex funds..there is no restriction forrydex funds