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    Hi, All
    I have been "trading" for a while but more like an investor type. I did pretty well and ETrade web platform was always enough for me. Now I decided to learn how to trade Option and Futures and having technical difficulties. I would like to use paper money account first but struggling finding a broker which offers a package of SW WebBased. All day I'm at my day job and I do have time to learn and practice but I'm on my work PC which has a firewall so I cannot install any SW on it. Any ideas how to get around this issue? Some remote access to my home PC? Or web based brokers?
  2. tell ur boss u do not feel well and go home for a few years and trade
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    buy a small laptop or big tablet, sim card, data plan.
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  4. How does a firewall prevent you from installing software?
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    CQG Desktop is a web based futures platfrom. When you pay for Desktop you also get the mobile application for the same cost.