Trading from the Keys. (florida)

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jim c, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Im wondering if there is anyone on Elite that is trading from the Keys. Let me start by saying that I am NOT. I live in Chicago but my dream is move or have a home down there where I can spend alot of time. Just curious about your setup as far as what Key you are in and how you feel about the place. I am constantly looking at real estate down there and I think if I keep saving I will be able to afford a place in about ohhh...50 years. hehe. Prices are crazy! I make the trip down a couple times a year and spend alot of my time fishing/drinking when Im there. Since the spooz dont open till 9:30 am there Im thinking pre market fishing for a couple of hours before getting my ass handed to me sounds good. LOL. Anyone? Jim
  2. I spent 30 years living on the Atlantic ocean and when my house was destroyed by a hurricane, I went all over the state of Florida looking for a place to build another one. I stopped in the keys just after Thanksgiving and went into a bank to get some cash from my visa card. I asked the teller if the road was always as crowded as it was that day. She told me that some days she could watch the same car out the bank window for two hours before it moved out of her sight. It was also hot as hell while I was there.

    My favorite spot in Florida is Navarre but I haven't been there since '92. The water is beautiful and there is plenty of high ground to build on behind the barrier island. Its a very small place and Egland AFB controls the land to the east, which is restricted. The national seashore controls the land to the west. So access to the beach is either at Navarre or Penesecola and the last time I looked it was very cheap relative to other places. Every thing was very affordable. golf etc.

    The fishing used to be great. It wasn't anything unusual for people to catch 150 king mackerel in a day off of the pier, which by the way, was destroyed in a hurricane. There are also plenty of severe tornadoes and lightning strikes.

    They have the biggest sharks and most abundant shark population that I have ever seen. So if you need an arm or leg amputated, you can always go for a swim.LOL
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    the keys is awesome....but just for the weekend...I wouldnt live there....
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    The Keys are loaded with daytraders. I loved it and I was very sorry when I had to leave there. Daytrading is the best way to make a living there, any other job there pays shit.
    You can get DSL and T1. You can take your laptop and trade on the beach on WiFi. God, I miss it!
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    If I had the money I would move down to the Keys to trade...It seems like the perfect place for a trader......Maybe someday....Or If hit the lotto....LOL
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