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    Anyone doing it? Anyone know if it can be done?

    And of course any related info about living (even for a while) as an American in Thailand appreciated (visas, work permits, taxes, degree of political danger, safety, ....anything).

  2. Would love to trade from Chiangmai myself. Not sure about the residency permit however. Would love to learn if there is a way to secure a residency permit and simply trade full-time ...
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    I was looking for answers, not more questions (jk)

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    Are you planning to trade US or Thai stocks? For US stocks the main problem is the time difference because Thailand is 12 hours ahead.

    There is currently no Thai futures or options market although they are opening one shortly.

    Thailand is safe

    Getting a work permit can be a problem, but you can come on a tourist visa, or if you are over 55, a retirement visa.
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    Why would one want to go to Thailand to live? Have you ever been there??:confused:
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    Good question. I have been offered a business opportunity there, and was just wondering if, by chance, I happened to go there for a while to see that through, if I could trade.

    But the answer, I have not been there. Plan is to go for a few a week or so in September and see the deal and see the place.

    The tone of your post seems to imply it is not a great place to live. Any explanations? Opinions? Suggestions? All appreciated.


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    Thailand is great and would be a fantastic place to retire or set up a vacation home - especially in a place like Phuket. I also really like Bangkok although I don't know if I'd want to live there.
    In any event, I know of a few people who have built beautiful villas and trade from there w/o problems.

  8. That you ask suggests you haven't been there. And yes, lived HI also - Thai people can teach kama'aina much about Aloha.
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    Wrong - I've been to Thailand probably more times than you have.
  10. Why ChiangMai (my pref. in Thailand):

    Super-friendly people
    Dirt-cheap cost of living
    Great food
    Convenient transportation
    Good telecom/utility infrastructure
    For Americans, tax benefits of living overseas ...

    What more could one ask for?
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