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  1. anybody here ever traded from Prague? What are pluses/minuses compared let's say to trading from other EU countries (taxes, cost-of-living, dealing with locals)?
    A friend of mine may be moving there soon and may try trading part-time via Interactive Brokers. He speaks Russian but not Czech.
  2. Hi,

    Nobody from Prague? I'm a Norwegian going to Prague for the whole of november 2009. Any interested in a beer/food/meet up please reply. Not necessarily traders.
  3. I have heard that Prague is a very interesting social scene, but you must speak the language to participate, as the locals do not speak English. I am tri-lingual but have zero interest in taking on yet another language. Is this true of Prague's language and social scene? Also, what is the speed and reliability of Internet access there?
  4. Actually not true, was there in summer of 2007. Everyone spoke English and I didn't get the vibe that they were unhappy to do so (unlike in Paris).

    I have no clue about trading from there, I used an internet cafe a few times to check email and the speed was fine for that.

  5. Dont know exactly about Prague, but this past summer I spent in Poland, outside Krakow. (that part of the world) I brought the laptop, and plugged into the cable from my fiancee's fathers house. Speed and reliabilty were perfect. I would bet in Prague you will be fine with reliability and speed, as well. Enjoy!
  6. I have rented an apartment with supposedly good internet connection so I hold my fingers crossed.

    So, still no people living in Prague here?

    I guess Prague is not a "business city" so probably not many traders there.....
  7. You would have better luck I think on forexfactory dot com. Most ppl I know from Europe trade currencies because of the time difference. The internet speed is fine there. I am in US but have relatives in CZ.

    P.S. They beer is the best there in the world, sorry Belgium I have had all of yours. Go with Velvet or Radegast.
  8. Internet is fine.. I was in poland ( which isnt far away) and i paid 45$ US dollars. for a 50MBit connection... or for 70$ dollars I could've had 120MBit connection,,,which was insane its like T1/T3 speeds at such a cheap price.
  9. Still no traders in Prague except me?

    I have been here one week, and so far internet is excellent. However, quite tough to communicate as few speak english well.

    If any is interested we could meet somewhere during november.
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