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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by JS11374, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Funster


    No more than a second or two for emini fills from Europe.

    Aren't most of the worlds major internet links optic now? Light can traverse the entire planet 7 times or so in one second.
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  2. def

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    ditto from Asia or Australia - you do not notice any delay. orders can be as fast as a few hundred milliseconds on a fast ECN like ISLAND. I don't think the Globex system is as fast and thus it is slower. however, the delays are created on the exchanges server.
    naturally the closer to the server the better but in a liquid market like e-minis they can be successfully trading from anywhere in the world with a reliable ISP.
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  3. Funster


    Could you explain to me why globex is "slower".

    I have been trying to find out if it is possible to get fills and fill reporting over a broadband connection in under 0.3 seconds for eminis.

    At the same time I heard that globex data is transmitted to all parties at a standard 33k baud, making any broadband technologies at the client/broker end useless.

    Am I chasing an impossible dream?

    Also if it cannot be done remotely, I would presume a globex terminal at the exchange would be able to do this, which would give locals a considerable speed advantage?
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  4. Neil


    Funster.. that was a giggle.. panama here I come.. totally convinced.. lol

    I think graeco is on the right track tho.. we have our dream too of eventually taming the wild beast of trading and making a decent living from it and then moving somewhere warm cheap and zero tax.. the exact opposite of the west of ireland! In idle moments had a browse through the web looking for panama info.. here are a few links to sites of interest I found...

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  5. def

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    re: globex being slower - i need to check my facts on this one as i may not be up to date - but globex (at least used to) throttle the routing speed per order whilst other exchanges don't.

    i'll need to confirm so don't shoot me if i'm wrong.
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  6. bro59


    Since income derived from "personal service" work performed by US citizens while residing overseas can, after the first year, qualify for the ex-pat exemption I'm wondering (out loud) if anyone here has received such tax treatment as a trader-member of one of the US based professional firms. Likewise I suppose someone who has qualified as a "trader" while trading a retail account with a US brokerage might also shelter part of this "income" if residing outside the US. Anybody with real experience in such matters care to drop us a clue as to the possibility of such arrangements passing muster with our friendly tax man? With all possible disclaimers as to liablility in place, of course.
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  8. graeco

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    Def,do you know if there is any problem for a foreign registered limited liability company to open a margin account at IB?
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  9. Funster


    No there isn't. I have one! All standard forms online.
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  10. Simba


    From a practical view point:

    If the trading account (e.g. IB) is set up as a foreign account (assuming this is legitimate), the account does not have any tax liability in the U.S.

    It does not matter from which physical location the trading takes place. Even if a person trades from within the U.S. (e.g. on vacation), this does not change the tax status of the account.

    Only if the account holder becomes a resident alien ("Green Card" holder), he / she would begin the status of a U.S. tax payer and have a tax liability in the U.S.

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