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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by JS11374, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. graeco

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    Commissions charged by canadian brokerage Wolverton Securities.$10k to $50k=.7%.$50k to $200k=.5%.
    One thing,you dont have to borrow a stock to short it.You can short anything anytime.
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  2. graeco

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    We have Panama as our tropical tax haven.It has low cost of living and the internet speed we need.Also,very important,it is in a good time zone so we can trade regular hours.Immigration will probably let us stay but require us to periodically leave the country for a day.A weekend trip to Costa Rica will satisfy this requirement.Lastly,we need a corporation or company to sheild us from uncle sam.I bet Panama is as good a place as any to register a company.Anyone know if IB would allow such a company to open an account?
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  3. todd960


    who's your broker? Are you a U.S. citizen?
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    I am a New Zealand citizen.Presently resident in California.My broker is MBT.I also have an account at Harris investor line but I dont recomend them.
    And you?
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  5. Pabst


    I'm not an expert (though on play one on Elite Trader) but I'm not sure if firms are even required to file 1099's on thier accts. That's why it's important to document those losses, cause the IRS may not even know they exist when it's time for you to write them off.
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    Graeco.....Are you living in Panama? If so, any nice places for rent on the beach?
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    I live in California.I have never been to Panama.My "lets see" post was a scenerio.A wish list.Trying to get input.I want info just like you.

    PS.Anyone from asia,India or south america reading this thread?
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    Lets all move to "Freedomship" and trade from there. No taxes plus we all get to hang out together after trading and get drunk. Hrmmm... sorry but I couldnt resist:)

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  10. dlu9024


    I think you have to pay taxes on trading on US market if you are a US citizen or resident and unless you move your money to some oversea foreign firm. read some articles about evading taxing but not sure how it really works.

    One question I have is "does it take much longer for trade execution from Asia trading in US market?" We are talking about seconds execution speed for day trading. really not sure how fast can be either if trading far away from US.

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