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    Not quite correct - more than 0 on cap gains in UK!!!

    However to be fair the govt here has an excellent new scheme called taper relief. Basically If you start a business, keep it for 4 years, then sell or liquidate taking the cash you effectively only pay 10% tax.
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    Some very interesting posts here!

    To modify the famous Churchill quote: "America is the worst country on earth, until you consider the alternatives."

    I agree with the sentiment that US taxes are outrageous - especially when you consider the overall effective tax burden of federal, state, sales, estate, inheritence, corporate, Soc.sec., Medicare, property, gas, and telephone taxes, and the myriad of other hidden taxes and the fees associated with any government function... I don't have official numbers, but I'd guess that the effective rate is well above 70% of every dollar actually earned.

    but from what I know, its even worse in the EU countries. And even if there are some countries with less burdensome tax systems, you have to consider their financial infrastructure and political stability, and in that regard the US can't be matched. If you don't have that stability, then the taxes don't matter (e.g., ask investors in S. Africa who've seen the country fall apart and the Rand fall 40+%, or in Argentina over the past month).

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    The classic example is what happens to the cocaine dealer in the film Blow. His $60million deposited in utmost secret with the best bank in Panama just disappears when the government appropriates the funds!
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    Sorry if the info on the website I posted is incorrect, that's the only website I found that compares capital gains taxes;
    Does anyone know of a better website? It would be interesting to see a comparison of capital gains taxes in different countries...
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    Another fact that I think all the aspiring money managers here should consider the law-suits attached to any financial operation. The cost of a legal case here (if you are a defendant) is so outrageous that by any intelligent analysis once you are sued, you lose. It's just a degree of how badly you come out. Certain countries (in Europe maybe, but definately in Asia or South America) refuse to recognize some of the civil ruling in the US. So a benefit of operating from an offshore location (while still retaining US investors) may be sheltering the firm and its managers from potential law suits.

    Has anyone here considered this alterative? Don maybe? or the other prop firm owners?
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    US Immigration is pretty strict in letting foreign nationals reside. To get a work visa you need to demonstrate skill which the US employer cannot find in US employees after advertising the job to US residents. How do you plan on moving there?


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    Excellent point, JS.
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    I might buy a business.

    Do you know the minimum investment to get citizenship for you and a spouse.

    Last time I looked it was $1m or 10 employees, whichever is the smallest.

    Alternatively if they have a referendum here on the Euro, but give a third option of joining the United States instead I think you'll know what gets my vote.
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    Super, better than I thought:

    Under E2 visa:

    "1) There has been and will be a substantial capital investment in the US. There is no specific cash threshold defined, but $40,000 is probably an absolute minimum, and any investment below $100,000 would need a very strong case to support it."


    "6) US workers are (or will be) employed. The treaties envisage more than just creating a job for the principal investor, but there is no requirement to employ a particular number of US citizens. Obviously, employment of large numbers of US citizens would be viewed very favorably."
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