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  1. -is there anyone who trades from NZ ?

    -how's life for an independent trader in NZ ?

    -what are the infrastructure costs for trading independently from NZ ?

    -which are the best markets to trade from NZ ?

    -what are the living costs for a single person in NZ ?

    -are there any prop firms in NZ which provide work offers to traders from abroad ?
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    I have been trading the US markets from NZ, but it's a royal pain, the market opens at 3:30 am local time. It's not too bad in the winter (it's summer now), when the market opens at 1:30 am.

    It's good to make forex trades, because you can follow the action from Europe all the way into the US time zone.

    I am looking to trade other markets (FTSE, DAX etc) and try to trade atleast in the weekly time frame. Short term trading in the US markets is certainly out.
    One of the reason I moved from the US to NZ was to look at other markets.

    The quality of life is very good. It's probably like the 60s and 70s in the US.
    Easy pace of life etc.

    DSL based internet (256 kbps) is $50 a month. In Christchurch, lodging (3 bdroom) comparable to the US standards goes for about NZ $350-$400 a week.
    Things are actually more expensive in NZ than in the US.

    I know one more trader who trades the
    Australian market.

    I work during the day (IT job) and trade during the evening and night.

    As far as prop trading is concerned, you could always remote prop.
  3. hi ramuk !

    thanks for the quick response. NZ does sound good. i plan to visit auckland when its summer again in 2005. not finalised as yet.
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    Goto to Perth in Australia,

    9.30am in New York is 10.30pm in Perth, when daylight saving is not an effect its 9.30pm in perth.
  5. ramuk


    I have heard that Perth is a very nice place to be.

    For your visit I highly recommend visiting the south island as well.

    The local Kiwi folks don't think much of Auckland. I suspect it's because of the high Chinese population (I think it's atleast 40 %). It's also a crowded city with congested roads etc. Another city worth concidering is Wellington. It's downtown is compact and there is a lot of variety. If you are single, this is the place to be. Good choices for food/theater etc.
    Nice harbor, wind surfing, kiting etc.

    In any case, have fun with your visit ! There are lots of backpacker like hostels here which are very cheap (if you are on a tight budget). I also highly recommend stopping in one of the Polynesian islands on your way. Try Rarotonga. It's very nice. Fiji is a bit more tourist oriented.

    While here, you could even open up a bank account (a passport will do) and open up a CD to earn 6.6 %. Not bad :)

    A very common approach (if you are going to spend alteast 6 months visiting) is to land up in christchurch, buy a used car (about 2k), drive around and sell it in Auckland when you are done with your trip. (Christchurch is cheaper than AKL)

  6. Er, I don't think it's anywhere near that high.

    I was looking at census stats from NZ earlier this year, and while Chinese immigration is certainly on the rise, it wasn't THAT high.
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    Stats are one thing and having seen it with your own eyes is another thing.

    When was the last time you were in Auckland ?
  8. Im a Kiwi in Aus. I find NZers a little more sensitive, more English, and less brash than the Aussies, but that said, the winters are lovely in Aus while in NZ they can be a little cold (except way up north).

    The beaches north of Auckland (all around Northland) are some of the best I have seen anywhere, and Ive been to 38 countries.

    NZ is wonderful and peaceful. Only 'downside' is lack of culture compared to Europe for example. Its a 'new' country obviously.

  9. I'm planning on going for the first time in January.

    And yes, stats are one thing the eyes another. There are some parts of Melbourne where it seems 90% of the people are Asian; can I go ahead and conclude that Melbourne is 90% Asian?
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    I am on my way :)
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