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  1. Hi,

    I am currently trading the ES and NQ from the US.
    However, I am a New Zealand citizen (also US resident, not citizen) and am considering moving back to NZ.

    I am interesting in hearing from others that trade from Oz or NZ. What markets do you trade? The time difference would make the US futures market more difficult. Anyone trading the Hang Seng or other Asian futures?

    Any comments appreciated.

    Also, I note that NZ has no capital gains tax.

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    Kiora..., I'm a Kiwi,live in Oz tho,...Hour north of Brisbane
    I'm just working US stocks,still learning...
    For futures i take it you need good internet speed for that your going to have to be in a main centre somewhere to get cable..I'm having to use 56k because of that reason,fills to me are ok but i'm not a real speed freak in my trading anyway.1-2sec fills are its ok.

    Yep hours are differant 12.30am is market open for east coast oz so nz would be 3.30am maybe a bit better.

    Prime ribs are'nt anywhere near as good here tho....for that you should stay where u are
  3. Kiwitrader,a helpful name comes to mind,remember his name,might have to experiment with the spelling of his name.:cool: ---------------------------He writes for Technical Analysis of Stocks&Commodoties magazine{see Don Bright ad ,],has or had website----------Daryl Guppy--Remember somthing he wrote{Australia, I think]''Dont confuse high probability with infallability''.
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    I'm a Kiwi - resident in Sydney. Have traded from NZ for a while last year - stocks back then but switched to ES & NQ recently. I can tell u (if u r a daytrader) u will need some kind of plan to deal with the market hours - US opens at 3:30am at the mo" - coz it can grind u down. Dont know what youre trading style is but the DAX futures might be worth considering - volume seems OK and opens 5 hrs or so earlier. Hang Seng vol too light for D/trading I think- others may know more.
    Over here market opens 1:30am - close 8:00am - Brisbane an hour earlier coz they dont have daylight saving. Perth - 2hrs before Syd.
    Bruce L
  9. There is a very good site run by author & trader Daryl Guppy at . Daryl gives workshops and courses all
    over Asia & Austraila. Hope this helps.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
  10. kiwi,
    do you pay capital gain tax in New Zealand...
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