Trading from Mexico Quintana Roo / Cancun / Playa Del Carmen / Tulum

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  1. Deva


    Checking in to see if other traders in the Quintana Roo area. I am full time equity trading and providing research to hedge funds. Love to connect and community with others in the area.
  2. hilmy83


    I remember trading from Cancun/Isla mujeres, worst fucking experience ever.
  3. Deva


    How so?
  4. Pekelo


    I assume the internet was not reliable and slow.
  5. hilmy83


    Yes it was slow as hell through the hotel WiFi. I ended up just buying extra data from Verizon at the time
  6. Here4money


    depending on the year, likely slow af "broadband". Likely better off getting a cell w/data plan while there.
  7. destriero


    Yeah, you're better off using a cell hotspot. We go to Mexico once a year and I get flat before I go. No point in dealing with the latency and drops. Speeds in PV were like 3-5Mbps down.
  8. Fixed line is great here :)
    Telcel 4G is about half that

    OP's on the other side of the continent from me & PV though.
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  9. Stockboy



    so,. how is trading from there? How is the internet connection? so far seems members dont think the internet connection is good
  10. Deva


    Sure, from Tulum I tried living in a cabana on the beach for 4 months without wifi. Therefor for am trading I needed a perfect routine having breakfast @ alma tulum when it open @ 7.30 am for premarket. I stayed grounded with feet in sand trading from there. / for premarket i alternated Alma with Nomade hotell which open 8 am ish but you can go a bit earlier. Basicly to change the breakfast as alma gets bit boring . I alternate50 / 50 and found Alma wifi stable enough and nomade also for my trading but sitting on those trendy low seated marrican pillows get tiiring after couple hours / after breakfast it was a long beach walk over to Zebra Hotel and neighbour hotel Sanara which both has stable and decent internet . Zebra is really stable though I prefer lunch @ sanara . These 4 beach hotels is the optimal to trade from for my taste and the carribean oceanview and swimming is spectacular when you want a brake. // in Tulum you also get fiber at aldea zama complex but yeah I preffered beach when in Tulum. // Playa del Carmen is easy to find fiber and you get stable 12mbp down and 4up in modern living complexes. / Bacalar is kinda a step back i find wifi there a bit to unstable at most places. // to sum up I feel like Playa Del Carmen is most viable for a trading community
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