Trading from Koh Samui ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cgjung, May 3, 2006.

  1. cgjung


    Anyone trade from Kon Samui, how's the internet. I use IB. Was thinking of either Barcelona, Panama or Koh Samui to escape the winter months. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I was on vacation in Samui 2 yr. back and I managed to trade part time from there.. I mostly traded from the internet cafe'.

    They use ADSL so the connection was pretty fast and relaible. I'm sure if you plan to live there you can get ADSL pretty easily
  3. scenic58


    The problem with KS is that the infrastructure has not kept up with the pace of development.

    There are frequent power cuts and water shortages, and you can guess what is flowing down the main street after every, frequent, rain fall. Disgusting.
  4. Never been to Kou Samui, but heard there is large IT mall where the main service provider located, many folks go there to download large files fast, if you have notebook and wireless card

    You can go to starbuck coffee, they give you fast wireless connection all over thailand

    There are several discussions about DSL speed in samui, may be foreigners living there have latest infos
  5. Ditch


    Been trading from Phuket for a week now, over here quality of internet is very random, it can be good in one neighbourhood and bad a few blocks away. This week I had very few disconnects so far. What i read on forums the situation is the same all over Thailand.
  6. cgjung


    that's not good, water shortages i can handle but power and internet outages can be a problem. I need consistency, maybe Barcelona is a better option. Any suggestion on a winter location. i've been all over the carribean, island fever is serious problem as well as quality of food.

  7. white17


    Don't think much of KS. HAve you considered the Azores?
  8. island fever?
  9. Ditch


    In reality there is no such thing as hi-speed internet anywhere in thailand unless you are using a bootleg satellite access. The government has strict controls over the internet. Everything is screened through police servers which censor many sites they deem inappropriate. This is the reason the system as a whole is so slow.
  10. Ditch


    Florida has nice weather in the winter, power outages are no concern as the hurricane season starts later, personally i think the food is the worst in the Western world. Mexico and Panama are other alternatives if you're looking for stable internet, although the food in Panama is nothing special either.
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