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    Can anyone recommend a prop trading firm that allows me to trade remotely from Japan without the licensing requirements? I can put up capital. Thanks.
  2. liar. Sorry couldn't resist. :D
  3. >hopeful

    I'm in Japan too. Even though I had absolutely no intention
    of doing so, I did ask Bright if it was possible and they said no.
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    Yes, there are comedy production places that focus on that sort of thing, very popular here. Very similar to "jackass" humor/pranks. But I don't think I've ever seen any "sharking" - sounds like one of those isolated incidences that sticks and grows all by itself.

    Thanks for the replies and PMs, much appreciated.
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    OK, thanks, that's one that I can cross off my list. Who do you trade through? Do you also have a day job?

  7. IB and a few locals. No day job, no night job.

    Why do you want to trade at a prop firm?
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    Lower commissions, higher leverage, no temptation to hold overnight, faster trades, connected directly to the market, lower capitalization for the same leverage circumventing that stupid PDT rule, and better sharper software. I currently use I.B. but when I look back at my commissions it seems like they are making more than I am.

    I'd love to hear more about how you trade, need a partner?
  9. >hopeful

    Sorry, was thinking that you wanted to trade Japanese
    shares etc. using a prop firm in the U.S.
    So I guess you are working here during the day and
    want to go without sleep trading U.S. markets?
    Have you considered Forex or trading on Eurex until
    midnight or so? Or maybe you're not like me who needs
    at least 6 hours sleep.

    My trading is 100% TA based.
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    I did have a go at Japanese and Australian stocks but found it much harder to find good trades. And the commissions are much higher as well. Also, you can't short Japanese ones AFAIK (at lease I couldn't with the broker I used). I guess you are more of a swing trader then? Do you also short them? How? What Japanese stock are good for day trading? Which broker do you use? I used marusan for a while but heard that livedoortrade (the company apparently survived its dramas) is excellent for hyperactive traders due to their all-you-can-trade commission structure). I know a local daytrader who is quitting it in this bearish environment (perhaps because he can't short?).

    I can get my 6/7/8 hours sleep, no problem if I restrict to trading until US lunch which at the moment is 2am here (1am in the summer). Of course if I could sleep a little earlier that would be nice but not a big deal if you are free to sleep all morning (hint hint: the gaijin sensei is in highest demand in the evenings).

    Oh, I sometimes trade the Hang Seng too, but US stocks are by far the best instrument for day trading actively.
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