trading from jail

Discussion in 'Trading' started by loza, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Midas


    This has to be the craziest thread that I have seen on this website.
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  2. They use MM.
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  3. Choad


    When you get out, I think you should get a few friends together and start your own MM operation over at the AMEX.

    You'd fit right in!!! :p
    #23     Jan 23, 2006
  4. Criminals are more likely to gamble without much consideration for risk (an extreme example: bank robbers), often paying attention exclusively on the booty. Professors (those who have at least an inkling of regression analysis) would be more risk averse, and so I would think that while you'll see more number of criminals getting higher absolute returns , professors as a group should be getting much higher risk adjusted returns.
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  5. jsmooth


    What did you get caught with and how much?
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  6. loza

    loza Guest

    only Pot about 50 lbs. Hey if it's worth doing for fun - it is worth doing for profit.
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  7. hagadol


    'you just have to sleep in a cell with men at night? it is proably nicer than many of the hostels i stayed in in south america....'

    More chance of getting laid in the nick than it is in a South American hostel.
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  8. Choad


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  9. Pekelo


    You forgot the most important thing: Are you profitable???
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  10. hcour

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    Hi loza, I'm the large black man w/the shaved head and colorful tattoo covering my whole body that stays 2 cells down from you. You have a cute ass. But down to business. As a fellow trader I have some questions for you: I have a very large account and would like to go long in your market when a nice entry presents itself, taking several different positions, then getting in and out for the quick thrusts until there is a climax, at which time I would pull out, relax, have a cigarette, and wait patiently for another big opening.

    Is this a viable swing strategy?

    #30     Jan 23, 2006